5 Reasons You Need Termite Inspection Service

Termites are a bigger threat to homeowners than fire, yet many people fail to protect themselves against this pest. Did you know that homeowners face more than $5 billion in damages as result of this pest every year? If you want to protect the beauty and integrity of your home and the numbers in your bank account, it is vital to use professional termite inspection service regularly. Why is this service so important? If these two facts don’t convince you, perhaps the five below will.

1- Save Money

Costs of an inspection vary from one company to the next. The average cost for the inspection service is about $200. This is a far cry from the average costs of treating termites, which is about $3,000. It is important to inspect the home before treating for termites to avoid wasting money.

2- Eliminate Worry

Knowing that termites are at your home eating away at the wood is a stressful experience that fills you with worry and concern. If you want to gain the peace of mind that your home is in the best condition at all times, make sure that you have this service performed as soon as you can. When experts evaluate the home, it is easy to leave all those worries behind.

3- Eliminate Termites

If you suspect a problem with termites, this inspection provides a definite answer. You can begin treating the pests quicker after the evaluation detects their presence. The sooner you begin treating termites, the better, since it reduces the amount of damage they can cause to the property.

4- Pre-Home Purchase

Maye you are not yet the proud owner of the home but are in the planning stage of the purchase. Make sure that those pre-home inspections are performed, including a look at termites. This inspection can help you negotiate a better deal on the home price if termites are detected.

5- Protect Your Investment

termite inspection service

The home is one of the biggest purchases that you will ever make. You want to protect your investment in every way that you can. Pests like the termite should not threaten the lifetime or the enjoyment of your home and when you use all of the preventative services available, that worry is gone.